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Print Image: 09-pav-pools-1br-intl-print.jpg
Screen Image: 09-pav-pools-1br-intl-520.jpg
02 International living and dining area
Print Image: 09-pav-pools-1lr-intl-print.jpg
Screen Image: 09-pav-pools-1lr-intl-520.jpg
03 International Private Pool
Print Image: 09-pav-pools-deck2intl-print.jpg
Screen Image: 09-pav-pools-deck2intl-520.jpg
Screen Image: 09-pav-pools-2lr-carib-520.jpg
05 Privacy pool & deck
Print Image: 09-pav-pools-deck1print.jpg
Screen Image: 09-pav-pools-deck1-520.jpg
06 Pool Deck Variation
Print Image: 09-pav-pools-deck3print.jpg
Screen Image: 09-pav-pools-deck3-520.jpg
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A popular alternate spelling of this St. Thomas resort name is Pavillions & Pools

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